Choose from one of our five Tastings specifically designed with the type of tequila drinker in mind:


Let us take you on a virtual journey of Mexico, from the jungle of the Sierra Madres to the desert of Chihuahua and places in between.

This tasting is for those who have an adventurous palette!

We know you are probably familiar with Tequila but have you heard of Mezcal, Raicilla, Sotol, or Bacanora? This may be your only chance to try these special and unique spirits!

$73 USD per person


Let us fine tune your appreciation for the nectar of the Gods. Do you have a favorite tequila? Let’s compare bodies and bouquets. We will sip some artisanal varieties, smoky dark añejos and exclusive extra añejos.

Let us surprise you with some hidden gems discovered on our travels.

A total of 4 carefully hand picked, quality tequilas will be sampled throughout the hour and a half tasting.

$63 USD per person


It’s not hallucinogenic and doesn’t always come with a worm, Mezcal: Tequila’s smoky, mysterious, cool uncle. Despite Mezcal’s growing popularity in the liquor and cocktail scene, much of the product never even makes it to US or Canada due to trade restrictions and small batch quantities.

This is your opportunity to try something new and see why this artisinal drink is receiving so much attention. A total of 4 quality, small distillery mezcals will be sampled throughout this hour and a half tasting.

$63 USD per person


Mexico's greatest gifts to the world, a match made in heaven, Chocolate and Tequila. This is a marriage that will delight all the senses. We have lovingly selected a variety of handmade chocolates to specifically pair with each artisinal Tequila.

Your tastebuds will explode with the smooth, rich, velvety, sexy combination of Cacao and Agave. We chose 2 different chocolates with each of the 4 Tequilas sampled throughout this hour and a half tasting.

$73 USD per person


4 courses/4 tequilas. Each authentic mexican dish is perfectly paired with an exquisite artisanal Tequila.

We hold our Tequila Food pairings in a downtown traditional Mexican restaurant OR if you are in a private casa or villa we bring our chef and come to you!

We offer vegetarian options, please mention your dietary requirements when booking.

$97 USD per person

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