The Spirits Of Mexico Food Pairing


If you want to do a deep dive into Mexican spirits and cuisine, this tasting is for you. We offer you a six-course tasting menu, each course perfectly paired with a unique spirit. This culinary adventure will take you from the jungle of the Sierra Madres to the desert of Chihuahua with scrumptious stops in between.

You are probably familiar with Tequila but have you tried Mezcal, Raicilla, Sotol, or Bacanora? This may be your only chance to sample these less familiar but super-exciting Mexican spirits, complemented by our chef’s creative take on traditional Mexican dishes.

We hold our Spirits of Mexico Food Pairings in our beautiful Vallarta Tequila Tastings Garden in the gastronomic Neighborhood called Versalles OR if you are in a private casa or villa we bring our chef and come to you!

Spirits Sampled: 6 | Tasting Courses: 6 | Duration: 2 Hours | Cost: $117 USD/person

We offer vegetarian options, please be specific about your dietary requirements when booking