Escamoles (ant eggs) at Sonora Grill Prime

On our trip to Mexico city this summer we had the chance to try escamoles (ant eggs), a Mexican delicacy but we chickened out. This Valentines day we went to our favourite restaurant in Puerto Vallarta for great steaks and the best vodka martini in town, Sonora Grill Prime. We usually order the same thing but this time i decided to look at the menu and to my surprise and delight there was under appetizers, escamoles!

Perhaps it was my second martini talking but i looked at Ricardo and I said “let’s go for it”! They arrived in a sizzling hot cast iron plate with tortillas on the side. I would describe them as a crunchy, smoky pine nut, a little too much on the oily side for me but i was still glad we had finally tried them. I encourage anyone who has an adventurous palate to head over to Sonora Grill Prime in the marina and give them a try!